Online Registration : 2017 Taipei Chess Grading Tournament on March 26th

online registration

Regulations & Registration Form in English

1. In accordance with Taipei Chess Association Grading Structure Article. For more details, please visit
http://www.chessassociation.taipei2. Objectives
2-1. To Popularize chess education in Taipei.
2-2. To strengthen the chess players’ knowledge and sportsmanship3. Organizer
Taipei Chess Association4. Sponsor organizers
Taiwan Chase Chess Academy, Gilgual Chess Club, A+ Chess Center、Little Black Knight Chess Classroom

5. Competition Date, Schedule & Venue
Date: 2017 March 26th (Sunday )
Schedule: :8:30 am -9:00 am check in time, 9:30 Round 1
Venue : No.9, Aly. 30, Ln. 198, Siwei Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

6. Sections and suggested players’ qualification : for those who are the 1st time participating Taipei Grading Tournament
6-1. Elite Section : (1) National Chess Selection Tournament : final matches
(2) Grade 1 7 Grade 2 for future reference
(3) more than 5 years playing in national tournaments
6-2. Advanced Section : (1) National Chess Selection Tournament : semi-final matches
(2) Grad 3 & Grade 4
(3) more than 3 years playing in national tournaments
6-3. Development Section : (1) chess fans, chess players or school students
(2) Grade 5 & Grade 6
(3) for those who know how to checkmate in 2 moves
(4) challengers : anyone who loves chess and know how to complete a chess game

Due to this is 1st Taipei Grading Tournament , the following points will be helping you to find the best fit section.
1. For anyone who wants to challenge himself/herself is able to register online accordingly.
2. If you have FIDE rating, please specify.
3. Preliminary Rating Elite Advanced Development
1500 1300 1100

7. Rules
7-1. Elite / Advanced Sections
Numbers of matches: 5- Round for Elite/Advanced Section.
Time control : 25 minutes , 10 second per move for each player ; Apply FIDE rules to games. Use FIDE certified Swiss Manager for paring & rating calculation.
7-2. Development Section
Numbers of matches: 7 rounds for development section.
Time Control: 15 minutes for each player. Apply FIDE rules to games. Use FIDE certified Swiss Manager for paring & rating calculation.
7-3. Registered players are less than 8 , will be combined to upper level.

Note: For chess parents, you may like to visit during tournament.

8. Registration: online registration preferred
8-1. Individual player: you may go online for registration accordingly
8-2. For classroom players: you may ask your classroom contact or coach to facilitate your registration
8-3. Registration Fee : NT$500 for Taipei Chess Association members ; non-member: NT$800 ( exclude lunch box)
You are encouraged to join and become a member. Contact your classroom organizer for membership.
8-4. Deadline: March 22nd. Enter before deadline will be charge NT$100 for additional handling fee.

9. Award:
9-1. Top 3 for each section win a trophy , medal & certificate.
9-2. For Development Section : top 4-8 win a medal & certificate

10. Grading certificate
For those who win rate exceed or match the grading structure are eligible for Taipei Grading Certificate application.
Get the application during tournament or visit Taipei Chess Association website for downloading. ( )

11. Additional Notes
11-1 Bring your ID or student ID for check-in.
11-2. Cheating will be counted into forfeit from playing.

12. Appeal Committee : 3 members are invited.
12-1. President of Taipei Chess Association
12-2. Volunteer : Senior coach with coach certificate or players are eligible for members

13. Should anything missed but important, will be announced during tournament to ensure matches go well.

* Required

Please go to online registration form for regulations in details. Thanks for registration.



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