2019 Taipei Schools Cup Chess Team Championships

Regulations in English.

2019 Taipei City Schools CupChess Team Championships   

  1. The Taipei City Schools Cup Chess Team Championships is the team contest organized by Taipei Chess Association.
  2. To promote team competition to foster sportsmanship and popularizing chess education in schools & communities.
  3. Adviser: Department of Sports, Taipei City Government
  4. Organizer: Taipei Chess Association
  5. Date of competition: 2019 Sep., 22nd (Sunday)  

Reception time: 8:30am – 9:00am ; Opening & captain technical meeting : 9:00am-9:30am

Official 1st Round: start from 9:30am

  1. Deadline for registration: Sep 18th , 2019
  2. Venue: National Taipei Education University
  3. Playing Sections
1. Kindergarten Teams
2. A section: Elite teams
3. B section: Challenger Teams
4. C section: Development teams
 5. Junior High School Teams
6.  High School Teams
7.  Colleges/Universities Teams
8 Open Teams
  1. Eligibility:

For those who are studying at any public or private kindergarten, the primary elementary, junior high, high school, university/college, and chess club, chess schools, and any chess fans can team up for fair competition.

  1. Rules:

10-1, How to make team & scoring?

3 players make a team. 3 players are all from the same school preferred. It is not necessary to make team within the same school. Or otherwise inviting from outside different school will be allowed to encourage young players to foster their play and participation.

Scores earned by win-loss of players from each board. Black wins, black earns 1 point. White wins, white earns 1 score.

Black draws, black earns 0.5 point, vice versa. The sum of total points is to decide the team score can win or lose.

10-2, Regulations are based upon FIDE chess law.

Pairing and tie break are using Swiss Paring System.

10-3, Time control:


25 minutes, 10 seconds per move : For sections of Open, University/college, High school and Junior high school , Primary section A will be 5 Rounds in total.


15 min per player without incremental time control. 30 min in total for a match.

Another 5 min blitz to break tie after 30 min.

7 Rounds in total for all the teams other than item 1 listed.

10-4, Chief Arbiter:

Christina Wang, FA (FIDE Arbiter) will be appointed.

8 to 10 national arbiters or FA will be also appointed for the competition.

  1. Registration deadline:

Effective immediately until the EOD  on 2019 Sep 18th , 6:00pm

  1. Registration & Entry:

12-1,  Registration Form

Fill out the attachment form with details and send to Taipei Chess Association

before deadlines. For consultation service, please call :

Tel: (02)2709-2979 Taipei Chess Association main line.

E-mail: taipeichessassociation@gmail.com

12-2,  Entry fee:

NT$1500 per team. Free lunch box for each player is included.

Registration fee is collected upfront before competition.

  1. Awards:

The top 3 teams in each section will be awarded by trophy and certificate.

Top 4 to 6 places will be awarded by medal and certificate for those sections more than 8 teams registered.

  1. Remarks:

14-1, On time check in is required.

14-2, Game forfeits while false play discovered.

  1. Organizer is eligible to set up rules excludes in above-mentioned; however, pre-approval from Department of Sports, Taipei City Government must be required.

Registration  Form


2019 Taipei Schools Cup Chess Team Championship  Registration Form


Name of Team  


Name of School  
Captain (once decide, no change/replacement allowed)






Board Gender Name School name
Board 1



Board 2      

Board 3

Contact person   Tel:            


Remarks 1. Please complete the registration form before deadline, 2019 Sep., 18th by End of Day.

2. Tel service: (02)27092979

3. e-mail registration: taipeichessassociation@gmail.com

Online Registration: www.chesssassociation.taipei

4. Registration fee: NT$1500 per team.

Registration fee is collected upfront before competition.

Bank : China Trust Commercial Bank 822

Account Name : 大道運動行銷有限公司

Account No. 093540117648


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